Affordable quality has been our motto from day one;
provide the best quality product at the most reasonable price.

The idea for this business model came together when we looked for patio furniture and couldn’t afford it ourselves. The decision was made to bring the furniture from factory straight to retail avoiding all unnecessary middlemen. We didn’t want to sell any ordinary furniture; we didn’t want to sell other’s furniture either. We went back to the drawing board and tweaked all designs to fit our customer’s needs in North America. We also constantly strive to make improvements to quality, construction, and design…changing the way people buy patio furniture.



Affordable Quality

Toja designs and sells furniture
that is of good quality and affordable.

Solid Construction

Powder coated welded aluminum frame, specially crafted full round synthetic rattan, tight double weave will keep you enjoying the furniture for years to come.

Canadian Design

TOJA furniture is designed in Canada. It is a great example of timeless design that is inspired by Canadians love of the outdoors.

weather Resistant

Climate can be quite a challenge for patio furniture. That’s why we have taken extra care to make sure our furniture can withstand outdoor elements like sun and rain.

Size matters

Toja collections offer comfort on the highest level. We’ve made our furniture deeper and our cushions thicker. It takes only one sit to fall in love!

Fully Versatile

Our furniture sets can be freely configured. A romantic evening for two or a garden party for many. Toja brings comfort to every situation.

Sunbrella Fabrics

Sunbrella® fabric is engineered with robust performance characteristics that provide resistance to fading and degradation from sunlight and chemical exposure. The fabric is tactile yet durable, has industry- leading environmental character- istics, is easy to care for and offers long life.

Customer support

We would love to help you. Our staff will assist you in making a perfect decision for your outdoor living space.

Easy maintenance

All Toja furniture is built with outdoors in mind. We want our products to keep their unique character over time.

... and more

Sometimes unvisible, hidden deep but being final complement of perfect product.



Solid Construction

Nothing but the best!

We offer the best manufacturing practices of outdoor furniture to date: 100% aluminum frame construction is rust-proof and all weather durable thanks to the synthetic rattan material. Thick foam cushions are covered with famously durable, mold-resistant Sunbrella® fabric.

Sunbrella® fabric is engineered with robust performance characteristics that provide resistance to fading and degradation from sunlight and chemical exposure. The fabric is tactile yet durable, has industry-leading environmental characteristics, is easy to care for and offers long life – wherever it’s used.

Proudly Designed in Canada

Constantly changing furniture style and colour can be difficult to keep up with.
We design contemporary and timeless pieces with a selection of materials using warm and neutral colour tones that won’t go out of style any time soon. Add a splash of colour to your outdoor set using decorative pillows.

Our furniture is designed in Canada and who better to design timeless patio sets than us – we love spending time outdoors!

Full Round Rattan

Ultimate material. 

The full round rattan is a premium material thanks to its full round rattan strands.You will notice that this furniture is heavier, sturdier and more durable. The full round rattan gives furniture a more upscale look and feel and is the first choice when shopping for top quality outdoor furniture.

Feel Like Lounging!

With multifunctional ottoman!

Just move the ottoman to the
oversized chair and transform it to a lounger.

Its Always Better Together!

Family hangout!

The oversized seating area of this sectional set begs you to nestle with your family
or friends for a great evening outdoors. 

Pull up ottoman to create a bed for two
and still be left with seating for four.

Need More Protection?

Cover it!

All-weather covers are the additional products for our furniture.
Every cover is made to fit your specific set. Features:

  • Water resistant, rubber coated fabric
  • Handles for easy cover and removal
  • Vents to prevent mold
  • Straps and pill cord to keep the cover securely on.

Cross Functional Advantage

One set - many uses!

Sectional sets are easily configured to fit
multiple leisure scenarios, simply slide and rearrange.

Open cell foam

Quick dry!

Foam is made to let water through which makes it dry quick,
ideal for use on outdoor furniture


With zippers

All of our cushions come with zippers on one end,
easy for on and off.

Stainless steel clips

Your furniture will never move around!

All of our sectional and Modulo sets come with stainless steel clips.
Clips keep furniture lined up and prevent pieces of sectional from moving around

* images above show only function of the furniture. Colour and style of the pieces in the presentation might not match the furniture you are purchasing.