One of the things that Toja specializes in is cost-saving versatile furniture, which is a remarkable line of products designed in Canada with the end user in mind. Everybody who purchased our patio furniture sets finds that our products completely exceed their expectations – the furniture can be freely configured to host a romantic evening for two or a garden party for many.

And its so easy!


Hack #1 All you have to do is move the ottoman to the sofa and you have yourself a comfy footrest extension. 


Hack #2 Take off the cushion off the ottoman to clear space for a table. The wicker table includes a fitted glass panel.


Hack #3 Place the cushion off the ottoman on the ground for extra seating, a true arabesque experience.


Hack #4 Easily rearrange the L-shaped sofas to your needs and space, the two sectionals come apart and can be placed opposite each other.




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